Master of Advanced Oral Implantology

The Master of Advanced Oral Implantology is a theoretical and practical training that aims to
instruct the student in the management of patients who need implant placement. From diagnosis to definitive rehabilitation.

The mission of this postgraduate course is to train the student to carry out the activity of implantology in its different facets and within the
framework of dentistry.

This training offer is aimed at providing the professional with skills in the field of diagnosis, planning and implementation of the various procedures of implantology; in short, to update and improve their professional skills in the maintenance of proper oral health. 

The educational program consists of a curriculum that is renewed continuously to provide the most up-to-date information.

Theoretical modules and practical workshops will be given by teachers of proven prestige.

Course type: Master (Universitat de Barcelona Degree)

  • Master management: Dr. José López López  y Dr. Xavier Roselló LLabrés 
  • Number of credits: 62 
  • Duration in academic years: 2
  • Modality: Semipresencial con actividades online
  • Centre: Facultat de Medicina i Ciències de la Salut
  • Internships: NO
  • Languages of instruction: Spanish and English

Tuition fee:

  • First year: 5.000€
  • Second year: 6.500€

This price may be increased by a maximum of 70 euros with an administrative fee.

The tuition fee must be paid before the start of the course (consult with administration).

Summary description of the objectives:

  • ● Provide comprehensive patient care.

  • Update diagnostic criteria and clinical procedures in the field of oral health.

  • To know the research methods used in dentistry.

  • Handle the diagnostic techniques by image used in dentistry.

  • To know and be competent in the skills needed for dental treatment.

  • To know and be competent in the prevention of oral diseases.

  • Improve the care quality in the field of dentistry.

  • Learn patient loyalty techniques.

  • Acquire basic knowledge to carry out research tasks.

  • Make a correct diagnosis, planning and treatment plan in oral implantology.

  • To be able to perform implantology treatments in a comprehensive manner.


  • Graduates in Dentistry
  • Stomatology Specialists

Admission criteria:

  • Curriculum vitae
  • Personal interview

OBSERVATIONS: The candidate’s selection is carried out according to the curriculum and the personal interview during the pre-enrollment period; if deemed necessary, there will be a knowledge test.

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences

Address: Pavelló de Govern, 2a planta C. Feixa Llarga, s/n 08907 L’Hospitalet de Llobregat (Barcelona)



Learn from the experience of prestigious professionals.


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Dr. Antonio Marí Roig

Dr. Albert Estrugo Devesa

Dr. Enric Jané Salas

Dra. Mónica Blanquez

Dr. Fernando García

Dra. Silvia Cuscó

Dra. María del Mar Sabater

Dr. Rubén Cabezas

Dr. Jesús Luengo

Dr. Arnoud Morla

Dr. Raúl Ayuso (coordinador de prótesis)

Dr. Marcos Allegue

Dr. Enrique Clemente

Dra. Laura Pozuelo

Dra.  Beatriz González

Dra. Eugenia Rodríguez de Rivera

Dr. Paul Castañeda

Dr. Carlos Omana

Dra. Keila Izquierdo

Dra. Paula García

Dra. Carolina Zapata

Dr. Daniel Sánchez


Dr. Enrique Clemente

Dr. Manuel Monzón

Dra. Andrea Martinez

Dra. Paula Ochoa

Dr. Sid Mishra

Dra. Sonia García

Dr. Javi Moreno

Dra. Rocío Schiavone

Dra. Marta Domingo

Dra. Cristina Princep

Dr. Carlos Polis

Dr. Juan Manuel Cespedes

Dra. Lara Díaz

Dr. Alvar Roselló

Dr. Pol de Marcos

Dr. Miquel Noguer

Dr. Enrique Clemente

Dra. María Colom

Dra. Flor de Liz Pérez Lozada

Dra. Carmen Dávila