Postgraduate studies in dentistry at the Universitat de Barcelona

Masters designed to provide in-depth training as a dentist and stomatologist in medicine and oral surgery, to acquire the scientific and technical bases of oral implantology and to be updated on research techniques.

Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences - Dentistry

The mission of the University of Barcelona is to train future dentists and to offer a wide range of specialization also for stomatologists.

Prestigious professionals

Learn from the experience of prestigious professionals. Our teaching team is formed by the best specialists in the field: Stomatologists and Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery specialists.

Publications, teaching and assistance

We are committed to research, outreach, teaching and quality medical aid..


We are engaged with quality teaching

With a clear projection to Europe, the master's degree guarantees its students the necessary and appropriate knowledge of the sciences on which dentistry is based and also of its scientific methods. In addition, students will get clinical experience through internships in excellent facilities.